Why Saddle-Stitched?

1 | Strength

"Saddle stitching is the most popular way to sew leather by hand, and it's for good reason too. It is one of the most durable ways to stitch leather because it locks at every stitch you make. This way, if the thread breaks somewhere, only one stitch will come undone, as opposed to the entire line of stitching, like it does with a machine stitch."


2 | Durability and Pricing


A hand sewn leather good is more durable and will last longer than a machine stitched one due to the nature of the process itself. Every hand sewn leather goods that we offer has the same meticulous quality checks like our machine stitched one, but since the process of hand sewing is slow and up close, we tend to pay more attention on every last detail. This comes at a price, literally. Hand sewn leather goods are more expensive and takes more time to finish. But the final product can and will last for decades with proper care.