Why Saddle-Stitched?

1 | Strength

"Saddle stitching is the most popular way to sew leather by hand, and it's for good reason too. It is one of the most durable ways to stitch leather because it locks at every stitch you make. This way, if the thread breaks somewhere, only one stitch will come undone, as opposed to the entire line of stitching, like it does with a machine stitch."


2 | Durability


"A saddle-stitch leathergood that uses a thicker linen thread that has been waxed and is not synthetic will last longer than the average machine stitched leather good. The wax on the thread creates a moisture barrier and protects the stitching from rotting as does the waxed edge finishing. Linen thread as is typically used in higher end leather goods, is often times regarded as a superior material to synthetic thread main reasons being, that it doesn’t ‘give’ and because of its inherent strength as a natural material."