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Full Grain Leather Everyday Belt

Full Grain Leather Everyday Belt

North & East Leather has long been providing custom sized belts for our customers in our vending events. We now offer our belts online as well.  


Normally we would HIGHLY recommend coming in our store to get you sized in person for a more accurate and better fit. If this is not physically possible, then we would need to get measurements from an old belt that the person is CURRENTLY using. 


*IMPORTANT* - Please refer to the photos on how to get measurements from a currently used belt. By using a tailors measuring tape (flexible, soft tape measure) measure from the tip of the LOOP that holds the buckle (DO NOT MEASURE THE TIP OF THE BUCKLE) to the hole that is currently used. By default we punch 5 holes on the belt and the measured hole from the old belt will become the center hole. 


*ALSO VERY IMPORTANT* If the person wears a knife sheath, holster, multi tool carrier on their belt, that will affect the measurements. Please make sure that said items be included in the measurement. 


You can then add that measurement at the Belt Size custom field (it will not let you checkout without the sizing).


At the moment we are only offering 1.5" wide Full Grain leather belts. Our Latigo belts are great for use as an everyday belt and it comes with a standard antique brass colored buckle.  You can also use a similarly sized (inside dimension) 1.5" buckle by unscrewing the Chicago Screws on the belt. 


    Due to the nature of custom sizing the belt, PLEASE MAKE SURE that you have the CORRECT measurement by following the PHOTO Instructions on how to measure the old belt. There will be NO RETURNS or EXCHANGES on custom sized belts.

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