Why Dye a Leather?  

"Dyeing leather is an art, not a science.  Variations in materials, conditions and artist touch will have a direct effect on the results.  No two leathers will always accept dye with uniform results."

This is one of the many reasons I dye my leather as part of the "DANCHO" collection.  I can adjust and control how the leather will look before making a bag out of it.  I get to decide how dark or how light a leather will turn out to be or the gradation of the dye.

What is "DANCHO" Collection?

The Dancho collection is a group of item made out of hand dyed leather.  I thought it would be easy to find all the hand dyed products if I have them in one page.  We hope that those who are fond and who collect hand dyed product will find an item they will love and treasure.

What does Dancho means?  It is a Japanese word which loosely translate to "Leader" or "Boss".  I chose Dancho as the name of my hand dyed collection because it sounds classy and iconic.  My aspiration is to create a line of product that are both classy and iconic by ways of dyeing the leather myself and not from a pre-dyed leather which is mass produced.